The VA STEM CoNNECT project is designed to improve teachers’ understandings of content and pedagogical knowledge in the STEM disciplines across the K-12 spectrum.

Professional development has been provided since 2012  through a statewide partnership with 5 universities and two non-profit organizations. 


Project Director(s)

  ITTIP at Longwood University

  Dr. Paula Leach, Dr. Manorama Talaiver

  Virginia Tech

  Dr. Brenda Brand, Dr. Mary Kasarda

  Old Dominion University LEAN Institute

  Dr. Alok Verma

  Virginia Space Grant Consortium

  Mr. Chris Carter

  The College of William and Mary

  Dr. Margie Mason

  James Madison University

  Dr. Cindy Klevickis

  MathScience Innovation Center

  Dr. Hollee Freeman



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